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Welcome to Cyberplex rules page!
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To access our rules, please select "Global Rules" on the Rules navigation bar.
Note: With joining the network you agree that you read, understand and follow the rules.
You found someone who doesn't follow the rules? Report them in our discord or our forums.
All rules stated apply to all players, regardless their playtime, rank, donation rank or other identifiers.
The staff team has the right to change the rules at any time, make exceptions under any circumstances, and enforce the rules at their own discretion.
1) No Advertising
Advertising and/or promoting services which are not related to the Cyberplex Network is not permitted. This includes all kinds of messaging services the network uses.

2) No Inappropriate Web Content
You are not allowed to share inappropriate images or websites. If you are unsure if a website or image is listed as inappropriate, do not post them, ask a staff member if they are allowed.
No sharing Account Selling pages (or sell accounts yourself)
No sharing Phishing Links
No inappropriate forum signatures
No inappropriate posts on other member profiles
No support for "IRL deals" (this affects any kind of transactions, exchange of goods or anything you receive outside the virtual world. If you have issues with irl deals, contact the participant, your bank, PayPal, etc. The staff team can't and won't resolve irl deal issues.).

3) Respect Everyone
No toxicity
No trash Talk
No harassment
No character spam
No Rioting
No begging
No Disrespecting
No Verbal abuse
No Arguing against punishments
Do not grief the world (no killing of villagers to ruin the fun for others, no setting off mass TNT, etc.)
No discrimination - comments related to skin color, gender or other personal identifiers
No trolling
No Spamming - posting the same message over and over (should not be more than 3) [that also covers the spam of commands, such as /tpa etc.]
No Capsing - do not go over 9 per message (or just don't use them at all to stay out of trouble)
No self harm
No insulting anyone in any way
No sensitive topics - Politics, Religion, etc. (ask a staff member if you are unsure).
No mini modding - Instead of telling people not to break rules, rather report them in our discord.
No Staff impersonating
No scamming
No encouraging violence
No sharing other people's personal information without explicit consent
No sharing content you have no explicit permission to
No falsifying information
No tp killing, spawn killing, etc. - Do not target players in protected areas (also portals, respawn points, etc.) 
No camping islands
You are not allowed to promote your services with more than one item in the auction house
The usage of alternate accounts/allies/etc. to benefit from events is strictly prohibited.

4) No Cheating and Exploiting - Found a bug? Report them in our discord.
No Macros / Scripting / client or hard modifications / anything which grants an unfair advantage to anyone without.
No AFK mining through use of software or use of physical objects
No client modifications aside from client performance mods, aesthetic modifications, armor or status modification, brightness and gamma modification or a Minimap (without entities and Player).
No duping - interaction, trades, keeps, etc. falls under this as well
No claim griefing
No 0-tick farms

5) No Inappropriate In game Content
No inappropriate buildings or paintings
No inappropriate warp names
No inappropriate item names
No inappropriate Skins or Names
No inappropriate Armor or Cape
No inappropriate messages

6) Ban and Mute behavior
You are not allowed to use an alt account to evade a punishment on another account.
Do not evade rules by stretching them
Do not pretend to break a rule